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The Elephant in the Room

Now, I want to tell you a story….

Once upon a time, a man was walking through a field and came across an elephant camp. As he looked upon these elephants, he became AWARE that the elephants were not being kept in cages or held by the use of chains.

All that was holding them back from escaping the camp was a small piece of rope, tied
to one of their legs. As the man gazed upon the elephants, he became very confused
as to why these powerful elephants didn’t use their strength to break the rope
and escape the camp. They could have easily done so, but instead, they didn’t even try.

He suddenly became very curious and wanted to know the answer.

So the man asked a trainer nearby, “Excuse me, sir, why are the elephants just standing there and not trying to escape? Don’t they know they can just break the rope?”

The trainer replied, “When they were very young and much smaller, we used the same rope size to tie them up, and at that age, it was enough to hold them in place. They struggled and struggled to break free, but then they realized it’s not possible. As they grow up, they are conditioned to BELIEVE they cannot break free from the rope. They BELIEVE the rope can still hold them in place.”

As the man walked away, he looked back at the elephants with compassion in his eyes, and a tear rolled down his cheek. He thought, “If only they knew how powerful they really are! They could be free. If only they chose to BELIEVE something different and let go of what they think they know and were shown when they were young, then they would escape the camp.”

This makes you think about your own beliefs, doesn’t it?

God bless,

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Hi! My name is Jeff

I went through some shit and healed and now I want to show you how you can get your life back.

What I do: I help you with unconscious repressed anger (rage)-tied to perfectionism; that keeps you from JOY and that same joy heals your mind and body.

My vision: I see a world free of un-nesseary pain, disease and symptoms. A world where everyone can thrive and feel happy healthy and whole. I believe and have seen, thats anyone can heal once we learn how to get out of the way and come back home to our true selves. Are you ready to have freedom again?

My Coaching Services Include The Following

One on One Recovery Coaching

This is for people who are ready for true change, for the ones who are sick and tired of living with symtoms every day. The ones who have tried everything and nothing seems to work. Are you ready to take action and step into your freedom? If you answered yes, then my private one on one guidence is for you. We will have on-going communication every step of the way. I've been where you are and I know what it's like to be skeptical and confused about trying something new, but I can tell you from experience, that when you take a step in faith, you will find the answers you seek. Are you ready?

​C.U.R.E  Program

This program allows you to heal on your own time and from the safety and comfort of your home. Would you like to be guided along your healing journey to find your c.u.r.e? Would you like be be shown how to specifically get out of your own way and harness the best version of yourself? Are you ready to discover your C.U.R.E

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Mind body medicine is a holistic approach to health and wellness. It examines the connection of mind & body.  Tension myositis syndrome (TMS), is a process that happens in the mind, due to a mild o2 deprivation and affects the autonomic nervous system.( pain and dis-ease)

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