How does it work when we work together?

You’ve been fed this continued self growth lie that you are broken, that you need to be fixed, healed and changed in order to be a perfect. 

The  gurus out there have given you this impression that you are not whole and complete just as you are and doctors and physcians tell you that pain is something that needs to be fixed with the knife, a pill or surgery and if that doesn’t work, then they call in incureable and keep you coming back. 

Our medical system has it’s place and has done many amazing things, but the problem is, they discount the mind, emotions and spirit as having anything to do with the symptoms and disease you’re expereincing. 

 So how does it work?

 When we work together, we explore your unconscious repressed anger (rage) tied to perfectionism and that same perfectionism, keeps you from en-JOYment and that same joy heals.  

There’s no set process or modality, you are the process and we take a deep in depth look that the aspects of yourself that you hide from the the world to keep safe and be liked.  Are you ready to stop hiding once and for all? Are you ready to stop abandoning yourself? Are you ready for true  joy?

Are you ready to have freedom again?


How I healed from 8 years of an incurable autoimmune disease

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