The tale of two minds


You have multiple minds.

Your conscious and the unconscious: Believe it or not, you have a little narcissistic, selfish, primitive child living in your unconcious mind at all times.

All your child thinks and cares about is

Consistently wants attention!!! Acceptance, safety and most of all, LOVE.
Your inner child S-c-r-e-a-m-s! in a tantrum if you don’t get what you want.

Then your conscious adult says, “No! you can’t feel that, or act out like that”and shuts your child’s emotions down.

 You are unaware of this taking place, it happens automatically.

Picture: your inner child that lives deep inside of you; now picture your adult that lives on the outside.

This means that you as an adult, can unconsciously neglect your child to the point where he/she no longer feels safe to expressing anything.

Your thoughts and words become a drill sergeant to the child. Constantly saying things like.

You’re not doing enough.
You need to do more, or else no one will accept you.”
You’re not making enough money.
You’re so stupid.
You need to lose more weight.
As a result your child becomes terrified….Pressured to be perfect and good.

This pressure really makes your inner child angry and RAGE filled!

Your concious adult does it’s job quite well and represses these negative feelings and emotions for various reasons.

Believe it or not, your brain is very powerful and will actually give your body a physical symptom ( pain) to distract you from these threatening unconscious repressed emotions from surfacing.

Your conscious mind: ( The ADULT)







Hard working,

People Pleaser at the costs of yourself.

The drill sergeant!

The conscious mind contains all of your thoughts, memories, feelings, and wishes of which you are aware of at any moment. This is the aspect of your mind that you can think and talk about. This also includes your memory, which is not always part of consciousness, but can be easily be brought into awareness. If you choose to do so.….

Your Unconscious mind.

Inner child





memories that are outside of our conscious awareness.

The unconscious mind holds the key to all of the unacceptable or unpleasant thoughts, memories, feelings, pain, anxieties, traumas and conflict.

Your conscious and unconscious have conflicts.

According to Sigmund Freud, “The unconscious continues to influence our behaviour and experiences, even though we are unaware of it.”

I can personally agree to this, as I’ve experienced it first hand with an incurable autoimmune disease that I went through.

Once the PAIN left for good, the angry child! was right there waiting for me.

Your unconscious mind controls your autonomic nervous system.

Heart rate.
Respiratory functions.
Nerves and much more.

 God( Lack of a better word) has been very generous to us, we don’t need to control any of these complex bodily functions conciously.

Imagine: If you had to learn everyday how to consciously brush your teeth. Your unconscious/ subconscious mind is the reason you’re able to brush those pearly whites and think of other things you have to do.

YOUR unconscious mind includes.

Repressed feelings





Rorgotten information

Repressed memories,

but most important, repressed negative emotions.

It helps to think of your unconscious and conscious mind as a garden or an iceberg. Imagine for a moment you go out to your beautiful garden, pull out a single seed and place it in the soil. Then you cover it with more soil and continue to water your seed daily. Over time, that seed grows under the soil and forms roots; although you don’t see these roots, because they’re covered by soil, they are still there.

The roots represent your unconscious mind. Things you are unaware of; although they are there and play a vital role in the whole process. Your conscious mind is the plant itself on the surface of the soil. The part of the plant that you can see and are aware of. Why is all this so important when it comes to my chronic pain, autoimmune, genetic dis-ease and other aliments in my body?

It’s important, because your symptom is the result of your roots that have taken hold in the unconscious mind and your repressed emotions, are the key to your freedom.



Sigmund Freud, a neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis said: “Unconscious repressed negative emotions will never die, they live on forever and will later come out in uglier ways.”


  1.  Tell yourslf the story you want to hear. Your brain doesn’t know the difference, it just reacts to what you beleive to be true.
  2. Think Of PAIN as sensations that are there to help you. listen to what your body needs. You’re unconcious is trying to help.
  3. Keep present. When you’re in your past, it’s riddled with guilt, when you’re in your future it’s riddled with axiety and worry.
  4. Be come aware when you’ve entangled in your pain story, mentally and physcially.
  5.  Have a daily Mindfullness meditation .”Be still and know that I am god.”
  6. When you have a symptom, say “ok, there is a sensation in my body, then ask yourself, what am I’m I not allowing myself to feel right now”?
  7. Surrender to what is. GOOD OR precived BAD. What you resist presists.



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